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April 25, 2024

October 02, 2023

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February 15, 2024

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september 2,2024

December 12, 2023

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March 18, 2024

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september 5, 2024

December 20, 2023

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March 20, 2024

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September 25, 2024

January 18, 2024

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April 24, 2024


October 28, 2024

Result Declared

Result Declared

Result Declared


What is FSP Contests?


The FSP is an organization comprising of teachers, administrator and community members who work together to encourage Pakistani school children to realize their ability and excel in academics.

Who we are?

FSP is unique, being the most comprehensive generally available suite of academic assessments and school tests for primary and secondary school students.

The assessments comprise Mathematics test, Science test, English Linguistics test and Art & Creative Writing test. A new FSP test is developed annually for each subject in each year level by our team of subject experts. All FSP tests are reviewed by experienced teachers to ensure that they accurately assess students’ skills and are relevant to what they are learning at school.  Each test is conducted at the student’s school and is invigilated by home school/college under normal examination conditions. FSP provides Assessment & testing service to school and colleges national level recognition to the top performing students at a very early stage of their life. Administration Guidelines are provided to the institutes with the FSP papers to ensure that the same conditions are afforded to all students sitting in the contest.

Why to take participation in Contests?

  • FSP competitions have been advanced by a team of well experienced professionals from around the world. These competitions play vital role to encourage students to perform, and gain significant experience, exhibit skills and expose personal talent.
  • FSP competitions will encourage students to be furnished with innovative techniques and promote their ideas and skills.
  • It aims to build up the process of crucial and clear thinking in future leaders before entering the practical professional life.
  • Development and refinement of effective communication skills which is to play significant role in education and professional career achievement.


A Global recognized institute to provide better intellectual environment to test their educational skills for enhancement of innovative and learning mindset in students.


To be the committed global testing and assessment institute in the preference of all school system.


  • To committed making sure that all students have a fair opportunity to demonstrate what they know and have learned in their institutes.
  • To specializes in school assessments through organizing subject-based contests/tests in Pakistan.
  • To offer independent skills-based assessments with a competition element.
  • To produce information and research on education development standards.

FSP aims to promote mathematical mores in school’s environment by organizing the FSP competitions. The competition has been proven to be the most effective event to make English, Math & Science enjoyable and popular subjects at all levels in schools and colleges. English Linguistics Contest has been designed to develop English communication skills as to how and in which ways words, sentences and conversations are built up and how we use English language to express in society. The competition aims to provide a national level recognition to the top performing students at a very early stage of their life. FSP competition is a source of intellectual encouragement and a challenge for the genius ones. FSP competition supports student’s academic activities with an aim to ensure a high level of individual academic success by stimulating the basic understanding how English, Math & Science logic applies in nature’s laws and human’s lives.

Core values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Credibility
  • Commitment
  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork


Famous Students Platform (FSP) is the organization delivering a new model of educational support through creating opportunities to compete and win for every child of schools and colleges in Pakistan in their own school environment.


• Monitor and compare students’ performance within the school and region.
• Identify potentially gifted students for further enrichment.
• Identify students that may require immediate attention.
• Inform school planning and resource allocation.
• Discovers students’ latent potential to mentor them on their future educational endeavors as well as counsel them on selection of their careers.
• Modify classroom activities and develop appropriate learning programs.
• Identify students that may require immediate attention.
• Can find some insights from data to inform teaching & guide future learning.
• Can rank or order students according to their performance.
• Do exercise their experiences in large scale examinations.


• Identify their academic strengths and weaknesses.
• Monitor and compare their yearly achievement with other students.
• Gain valuable experience in taking international assessment tests such as IMO, IPhO, IChO, IOI, IBO, IAO, & ILO    etc.
• Enrich their portfolios with FSP certificates, medals & Souvenirs.


• Understand and analyze their children’s academic strengths& weaknesses.
• Collaborate with schools for academic growth and skill development of their children.
• Design and plan meaningful educational activities for kids.

Contest Overview

The FSP Contest has been designed to assess the hidden qualities of students studying in schools and colleges from Grade 1 to Grade 10


The participation fee is PKR 1000/- per participant.

Through Banker’s Cheque/Demand Draft

Fee can be paid through Banker’s cheque/Demand Draft/Cross Cheque written in favor of “FSP VIBRANT YOUNGSTERS”.

Online Deposit

Online cash deposit in FSP official A/C by any nearest bank branch only remitted in favor of “FSP VIBRANT YOUNGSTERS”.


Schools/Colleges/Institutes can get registration by filling out Registration Form, attached with payment receipts and sending it to Program Coordinator, FSP Competitions before the Registration Deadline


All students from Grade 1 – 10/O-Level are invited to participate in FSP Competition from all over Pakistan. Only Heads/Principals/directors of schools and colleges can register students. Parents can’t register students in the competition. Individual student nominations will not be accepted. Minimum Participation of 05 students is MUST from any participating class. There is no maximum limit; institutions can register as many students from a class as they wish.


The FSP competition is a school-based competition. The students will not travel anywhere, the competition will be held in your own institution under the supervision of your Principal, and school coordinator.


Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal

GSM Smart Watch / Health Band, Music Mini Speaker, Fancy Stationery, Drawstring Bag, FSP Badge, Keyboard, Wireless Mouse, Informative Books, Distinction Prizes & thousands of performance prizes

Certificate of Participation

Distinction Certificate

Placement of Name, Photo along-with school details at FSP website and annual publications


FSP Pakistan results will be announced on website as per schedule. Complete results with prizes are dispatched to the schools as well as uploaded on the website after that.


The contests would comprise of multiple-choice questions only. The participants will have to select one best answer out of four options given. Every correct answer would earn THREE points whereas for every wrong answer ONE point would be deducted.


Try the sample questions/past question papers available on FSP website. Then you will know what to expect in the competition.

Our Participating Institutes