1. Who can compete?

All students of primary /middle /secondary /higher secondary schools can take part in competition.

2. How do I apply?

Each candidate can enter competition through school administration by filling out a Registration Form which can be found here “fspcompetitions.org” First you need to fill the registration form, attach Bank Draft with registration form and sending it to FSP Head Office. Regretfully it is informed that we do not accept individual submissions by the participants. 

3. How and where can I pay the enrollment fee?

Fee shall be accepted as Bankers Cheque/Demand Draft of Scheduled Banks of Pakistan. FSP VIBRANT YOUNGSTERS shall not accept CASH payments from schools.

4. How can I pay fee online?

Deposit participation fee in FSP Vibrant Youngsters online account in nearest bank or get issued a bank draft / pay order in favor of “FSP Vibrant Youngsters”

5. How many categories are there in FSP contest?

There are 5 categories. The competition is open to students of all abilities, at five levels: Vibrant Youngsters (Class 1-2), Vibrant Youngsters (Class 3-4), Vibrant Youngsters (Class 5-6), Vibrant Youngsters (Class 7-8) and Vibrant Youngsters (Class 9-10/ O-Level)

6. How do I prepare for the exam?

Visit the page “fspcompetitions.org “and there you will find required material for practicing.

7. How are the candidates assessed and ranked?

The contests would comprise of multiple-choice questions only. The participants will have to select one best answer out of four options given. Every correct answer would earn THREE points whereas for every wrong answer ONE point would be deducted.

8. How is the test done?

Answers for test will be marked on a special Bubble Sheet. Most of our paper based MCQS tests, which are administered under standardized conditions at schools. Answer sheets are returned to FSP VIBRANT YOUNGSTERS for scoring and analysis. We advise hereby to hold Question Booklets at school’s record office. Use them for next year’s preparation.

9. What do I need to bring to the exam?

Use blue / black ink to fill up the circles for your answers on the bubble sheet. Use of lead pencil is not allowed. Notebooks, pencil cases, books, dictionaries, or any electronic device will not be allowed in the exams.

10. What are the tests that lead to the Pakistan towards International Olympiads?

The FSP VIBRANT YOUNGSTERS Competition is a standalone contest with benefits of its own. The format of FSP VIBRANT YOUNGSTERS competitions is very much supporting and meaningful in taking international assessment tests such as IMO, IPhO, IChO