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Our Clients and Participating Institutes

  •   Since 1983, FSP is working to promote early education keeping in view about the VIBRANT YOUNGSTERS and provide a platform where they express their views independently and can give  creative ideas. FSP with its extraordinary and professional experts have initiated VIBRANT YOUNGSTERS NATIONAL MAGAZINE published by Famous Publisher and NATIONAL BOOK FAIR in schools, colleges, and universities. It enables the youth to preschoolers especially to get in touch with the world full of innovations. Children are masters of the moment—they love the way it feels when they smear paint on paper that how it looks when they sprinkle glitter, and even the soft sound of a brush makes as it crosses the page.  Unlike older kids and adults, most toddlers and preschoolers aren’t self-conscious about what they’re doing or focused on creating a finished product. That can be hard for parents to accept. But letting go—and allowing kids to enjoy the process of creation—can reap big rewards. Children will be better off in the long run if they’re allowed just to be in the moment and express themselves.
  • The magazine aims to generate opportunities for the students to enhance their writing skills by engaging with our experts. The content provided by the students is published in order to encourage the students to express their views and opinions about any topic they choose.
  • FSP National Magazines also organizes National book fairs to improve student’s creative thinking and lifestyle. It also establishes long-term relation between schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Students build their creative confidence to develop ideas and solutions through design thinking, engineering, leadership, and through the expression of artistic and emotional beauty, develop strong habits of the mind, such as communication, inquiry, analysis, and synthesis, diagnosis, innovation, reasoning, and managing complexity and develop the capacity to set, meet, and hold themselves accountable for meaningful goals on their own.
  • FSP Magazines and book fairs educate and entertain – holding attention and igniting imagination, arrive periodically with fresh information that is both timely and timeless, foster a sense of ownership and build self-esteem, inspirational and aspirational, help readers and mentors relate and learn around common interests, tangible and accessible to at-risk readers everywhere on earth.
  • Children are faced with volatile physical, mental and social growth, and exhibit an impatient curiosity about the world around them. Information whizzes by in bits and bytes. Attention spans are fleeting. Magazines and book fair are especially capable of reaching into a child’s world to deliver valuable information.
  • Unleashes the awesome potential FSP, powerful literacy resource for community, literacy agents who are passionate about helping kids and families to learn and love to read.
  • Students find real joy when they see their names published in the FSP National magazines, respectively. Besides, FSP National magazines encourage the students already been graduated from the teaching institutes in order to make them recall the joyous and memorable moments that they have had. The magazine plays an important role to connect with the outside world, especially students from different curriculum and fields.
  • The magazine is focused only on students of different professions and specializations. It is circulated amongst the students through a subscription plan on a monthly and yearly basis.

It should be ensured by the teachers/coordinators/ principals of the educational institutions that connecting FSP should be fun rather than a stressful activity for the participants.


Who we are? 

FSP is a well-established and reputable service provider based in Lahore, Pakistan. FSP is one of the leading magazines, book fairs, stationers, office equipment providers, working directly with institutes in order to enhance education and general order suppliers in Pakistan. Since its inception FSP has secured a fair-sized clientele, supplying not only stationary but also provide marketing and media tools as well as personal protective equipment (PPE) and much more. We consider ourselves a “one-stop” supplier – satisfying client demands. Famous Stationery and Paper Products has been a well-established company with an excellent track record of its customers’ delight by providing paramount quality products at a competitive price through honest, expert, quick and friendly customer service while meeting the right delivery deadlines to help our clients reach their goals and objectives.

Our Mission

Education people and children and promoting magazines and books to make them share their views and opinions.

Our Vision

Developing interests and talents in students through participation and connecting them with the outside world full of innovations and challenges. Designing student-centered global learning experiences, accessible to the world.

Our Values

Commitment, Customer Values, Teamwork, Professionalism, flexibility / Adaptability, Social Responsibility, transparency, Assistance, equity, efficacy, excellence, honesty, integrity, leadership, openness, practicality, participation, collaborative spirit


FSP’s contemplation is educative values. We work for students to encourage them in improving their creative thinking and writing skills and strengthening vivacious imagination, FSP with the help of its publications awakens the habit of reading and writing amongst the students. In order to compete and survive in this challenging world, FSP with its initiatives encourages healthy competitions between the students of different curriculums and provides rewards and souvenirs in order to sustain the ability to participate in reading and writing competitions organized at different local and national levels.