National Educationists

Mr. Ghaznfar Ali Solangi

For Students

As mentioned 2,000 years ago, the famous Greek philosopher Plato  opened the academy in Athens, where he began teaching the boys of Amraushrafa. When the academy got a little bit of a buzz, he hired an 18-year-old boy to serve as a daily job. The boy brought tea and worked as a small fat. The academy was only for the emirates. So the boy would do his job, and he would go out. The doors of the congregation were closed and the students began to teach. The boy would sit near the door and listen to what was happening inside.

Two months later, the party of The Plato was finished. Now a wonderful ceremony was held. All the worlds of the city participated in it. The parents of the students would also participate. The ceremony also had the examination of every student of the party, as if everyone had to discuss a topic in a very serious way. So the theme of this event was the importance of knowledge. Students who recently graduated from the Plato class would come to the dyss, say some phrases about the subject, and then return.

No student could make an impressive speech on the importance of knowledge. The Plato was very upset to see this. Suddenly the serviceman reached him and said, “Can I make a speech?” Plato looked at him in a mixed state of wonder and unhappiness and then rejected the boy’s request. He said, “I didn’t teach you, how you can express it?”

By then, The Plato was disappointed with all his disciples. So he presented his young man to the audience and indicated to the boy to give a speech. The boy began to speak, and for half an hour he spoke of the grace of knowledge. His strength was lost to the whole crowd, seeing the goya and the unsheltered knowledge. The speech was very impressive and inspiring. When the boy had finished his speech, The Aflaton came back to the dice and spoke to the attendees, saying, “I have taught the students with all my hard work and the teaching is not a matter of any kind.” My disciples lacked the ability to learn, so they could learn from me. If you come from the knowledge of this ,you have the same knowledge, so my children, you have to make a habit of going to the book every day, and you will be able to fill your life.                         

Mr. Ghaznfar Ali Solangi

Army Public school and College Pano Aqil