National Educationists

Mrs. Amna Altaf


Knowledge knows no bounds. Even if we follow knowledge like a sinking star, we cannot exhaust it. Reading books contributes to the enrichment of our knowledge in terms of human experience and information. Books are called the mystery of human creativity and they play an important role as a teacher, a guide and friend in our life. Without books reading life seems impossible as books share our pains and guide us to lead the future with confidence.

Unfortunately, we in Pakistan, do not have reading habit. This is the reason that in Pakistan, 70 percent of the total no of books published are the text books whereas in the western countries, this percentage is not more than 30 percent. Book reading and books readers are getting lesser day by day. Once a writer was asked about reason for low reading habits in Pakistan, his reply was that Pakistan has a tradition of verbal communication of knowledge from one generation to another. Even today we are not developing in our youth the habit of book reading as today formal teaching method of imparting knowledge to students is largely based on “Not memory” lectures and reproduction. This method touches students superficially and in effect it has failed to arouse an inner urge among them of self-study (through reading books). We should inculcate the habit of book reading keeping the fact in mind that books are the carriers of civilization and without books history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill. Books are engines of change, windows on the world, light house erected in a sea of time.

Mrs. Amna Altaf


Umm Al-Qura Education System  Bahawalpur.